Who is Pontus Ersgård and what is Pontus Ersgård Design?


I was born in Malmö Sweden, but grew up in Stockholm from the age of three.  After a classical education and upbringing I made the move to USA where I began working as a concept designer for film.


After one year with a visual effects company (CRC-Cinema Research Corporation), I began studying at American College for the Applied Arts, simultaneously I worked as an apprentice with a silversmith. One year later I was accepted to Art Centre College of Design, one of the most prominent design schools in the USA, where I studied illustration and fine art.


After relocating to England I began developing my love for fine art and made contacts with galleries both in the USA and Sweden and had several exhibitions. Restless I realized that I needed something new in my life, so I left for Montana where I worked as a Forest Ranger. The experience proved rich and inspiring and made me want to pick up the brush again.


After relocating yet again, this time to my homeland Sweden, I continued my fine arts career with exhibits in Sweden and Germany. At this time I also began working with book publishers and film producers as a graphic designer.


I have enjoyed working as a graphic designer and illustrator for clients such as Prisma Publishing, Norstedts Publishing, Bladh by Bladh Publishing, Dialogos Publishing, Kalla Kulor Publishing, Historiska Media Publishing, SF Film, Sonet Film and many more.



I have working knowledge of the following applications:






3D Studio Max




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